The Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA) is committed to building healthy, resilient, sustainable communities in Maine and supports the work of all educators who are using nature and the out-of-doors in teaching and learning.  MEEA's role in the state is to connect educators with one another, to facilitate collaborations, raise funds to support the powerful work taking place, share research with practitioners, advocate for change, and to encourage and develop leaders who propel forward the field of environmental education.  MEEA is the direct link for professionals in the state to learn about the cutting edge work in the filed happening at the regional and national level.

MEEA is energized around:

  • Empowering Maine's next-generation of nature leaders
  • Building partnerships between formal education and informal environmental education programs
  • Identifying and sharing best practices in the field to support transformative education in schools
  • Raising funds to support powerful environmental education projects happening in Maine
  • Advancing education about climate change
  • Convening leaders in the field-helping to foster relationships that result in powerful collaborations
  • Advocating for environmental literacy for ALL of  Maine's diverse citizens
  • Sharing the stories of our members and recognizing the exemplary work happening in our state.
  • Creating a professional network of environmental educators where resources are shared
  • Moving the field of environmental education forward both locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Supporting emerging EE professionals from diverse backgrounds and advocating for professionalism and equity in the field.
  • Representing Maine at the regional level as one of the six states making up the New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA)
  • Representing Maine at the National level as an affiliate member of the North American Association for Environmental Education.
  • Advocating for the larger social movement to reconnect people with nature
    Sharing current research in the field identifying best practice with Maine practitioners